More sensible and precise error reporting

Truugo message validation has following benefits compared to a traditional schema validation:

  • Provides more sensible (and customizable) feedback on error | Examples
  • Detects integrity and content errors unlike schema validation | Examples
  • Provides a unified error reporting for XML and EDIFACT | Examples

Even though schema validation would be enough for you, there are still a number of reasons to use Truugo:

  • Easy to use, just drag'n drop your message and click "Validate"
  • Schema updates are immediately available for your peer group
  • Support materials (examples, documentation) can be published alongside
  • Test reports can be shared to anyone by providing email address

Examples of shared test reports (receiver's view): UBL report, EDIFACT report, Finvoice report

Read more about Truugo test reports. See also our free test profiles for UBL, ISO 20022 and EDIFACT.