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Your first steps to enhanced message validation

Get started
  • AImplement first profile
  • BEnhance profile
  • CSetup self-service
  • DAutomate validation

Implement basic test profile in 3 minutes

In order to validate messages in Truugo you need a test profile. Test profile doesn't have to cover all requirements at once. To get started, fill in profile details (language, message format, message type, etc.) and upload your message schema. For EDIFACT profiles you don't even have to upload a schema, Truugo does it for you.

Enhance profile by additional constraints

Schema validation doesn't cover many real-world requirements due to its technical limitations. Test assertions (= rules) are needed to fill in the gaps. A test assertion describes a condition regarding a mandatory element, a format constraint, an enumeration or an integrity constraint such as sum check or a date/value comparison. Truugo provides you tools to implement test assertions by yourself using XPath and Truugo function library.

Have two test cases with just slight differences? No problem. Set preconditions for test case specific assertions or create separate profiles by reusing parts of your existing profiles with ease.

See examples of test reports produced in message validation.

Provide message validation as a self-service for your trading partners

Provide access to your test profiles in order to make your own work easier and to minimize a total effort spent on message validation. Set up a validation group and invite your trading partners to join by sending a mass invitation from Truugo. Group members get access to all profiles published in the group.

Create private or restricted group to control access to your profiles. Private groups can be joined by invitation only and these groups are invisible for other Truugo users. Restricted groups are visible to all Truugo users, but group author is able to decide which users are allowed to become group members.

Self-service makes frequent status reporting redundant. As a group author you can follow the progress in real-time and get ready for the deployment.

Automate validation by Truugo integration

Manual self-service for the message validation is a great start but even more efficiency in gained by automation. Truugo web service interface enables a smooth integration to your existing system. Get full benefits by using Truugo in both development and production processes.

Read more about use cases.

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