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Create profiles for customized validation
Tailor a profile matching your exact requirements using our profile definition tool.
Validate messages
Validate messages using your free test credits.
Share your test reports
Share your test reports without limitations. Follow status of each share.
Provide validation service for others
Create public groups and invite your colleagues and business partners to join.

package for single projectPackage for single project

Need validation service only for a limited period?

No problem, we provide service packages also on a monthly basis.

Unlimited validation 79€/month
Upgrade your account to "Half board" resource plan to perform unlimited number of validations using any profiles you have granted access.

How to get started?

All paid plans are upgrades to our basic service. Sign up for free and once you have logged in you will find a link to our paid upgrades. Once you have paid your upgrade you will receive an email confirming that your upgrade has been activated. This usually takes less than 5 minutes.

continuous useContinuous use

Our offering consists of two parts: Service plan defines features and resource plan resources you are entitled to use.

Each Truugo account is initially assigned with free Basic plans. Once you have signed up, you can upgrade either one or both plans depending on your own needs.

Get package suggestion for personal use or team / organization.

Resource Plan

All inclusive29€99€unlimited use

Unlimited implementation
Create new profile definition from any existing profile definition you have granted access.
Half board

Half board19€79€unlimited validation

Unlimited validation
Perform unlimited number of tests using any profiles you have granted access.

BasicFREEget familiar with

Limited validation
Perform limited number of tests using any profiles you have granted access.
Limited implementation
Create new profile definition using your existing one as a basis.

Price per month without tax (VAT)

Plan comparison

Service Plan

Platinum129€149€be a pro

Invite any user as a co-editor to your authored group.
Group statistics
Get full test statistics for private/restricted groups: list of validations performed and access to each test report separately.
Gold Plan

Gold59€79€act as 3rd party

Restricted groups
Create groups where users are allowed to join via invitation or accepted request. Add (optional) subscription period for each subscription to enable automatic expiration. Restricted groups are listed in registry search.
3rd party support
Create profile definitions and handover them to other organizations or provide maintenance help as an external co-editor.
Silver Plan

Silver39€49€serve target groups

Private groups
Create groups where users are allowed to subscribe only via invitation.
Group statistics (limited)
Get top-level test statistics for private/restricted groups.
Co-editor rights
Become a co-editor for any group within your organization.
Report access 60 days
Access your test reports for 60 days.
Bronze Plan

Bronze19€29€enhance own work

Report access 30 days
Access your test reports for 30 days. Take a full advantage of report sharing.
Basic Plan

BasicFREEget familiar with

Report sharing
Share your test reports via email. Follow status (sent, read, done) of each share.
Public groups
Create groups all users are allowed to join.
Report access 2 days
Access your test reports for 2 days.

Price per month without tax (VAT)

Plan comparison