API Pricing

Integrate Truugo validation to your existing tools and processes

API license

To use the Truugo API, you will need the API license. If you wish to use your custom test profiles through the API channel, you will additionally need the Team license.

The price of the API license varies depending on the chosen credit quota:

Monthly Quota (Credits)API QueriesVolume DiscountMonthly Fee *
50 Estimated Queries - 79 EUR
100 Estimated Queries 18% 129 EUR
250 Estimated Queries 34% 259 EUR
500 Estimated Queries 44% 439 EUR

* With annual billing, excluding VAT (if applicable).

If your API usage exceeds your monthly quota, you can either increase the quota or cover the excess portion with "Extra credits".

The pricing outlined above is intended for limited use cases. For high-volume demand, please request a quote.

The shared Truugo environment covers use cases with up to 5 000 queries per day. For higher volumes (up to 1 000 000 queries per day), kindly request a quote for a dedicated Truugo environment.

Order API license Order extra credits

Query prices

Below is the table showing the number of credits charged per API query, with the price per API query dependent on the chosen monthly quota.

API EndpointCredits / QueryPrice / QueryEst. Queries *
Validator API
listProfiles 0.01
getStatus 0.10
storeStatus30D 0.15
storeStatus60D 0.20
getFeedback 0.70
getReport 1.00
storeReport7D 1.50
storeReport14D 1.75
storeReport30D 2.00
Schematron API
listItems 0.01
listItemVersions 0.01
validate 0.10 0.004/KB
checkSyntax 0.05 0.005/KB
toXML 0.10 0.01/KB
toJSON 0.10 0.01/KB
getBrowser 0.50 0.025/KB
getDocumentedSample 3.00 0.15/KB

* If all the credits were used on queries to a single API endpoint.

Pricing example

A company needs to implement quality assurance for 2000 files per month. On average, 3% (60) of these files contain errors that require review, and 10% (6) of the test reports needs be stored for further analysis.

2000 x get-status 2000 * 0.10 = 200 creditsto validate the files
60 x get-report 60 * 1.00 = 60 creditsto get test reports of the invalid files
6 x store-report-30-d 6 * 2.00 = 12 creditsto store the test reports for further analysis (30 days)

In total, 272 test credits are required for this use case. If the monthly quota includes 250 test credits, then 22 extra credits are needed.


More information about each API service: Validation API, Schematron API, EDIFACT API

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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