Business Case

The business benefits of using Truugo

This page outlines the primary advantages of our service to support business case calculations. In addition to direct cost savings, our service generates numerous indirect benefits, detailed below.

Additional revenue

  • Faster from deployment to production

    Truugo's self-test solution significantly shortens deployment lead times, ensuring quicker time-to-market. Accelerating the integration of new partners results in faster revenue generation.

    For example, integrating 30 new suppliers in a year, each two weeks faster, and each day in production producing profits of €500 results in an annual revenue increase of €210,000 (30 * 14 days * €500/day).

Resource savings

  • Auto-generated documentation and supplemental materials

    Producing documentation and supplemental materials for a data interchange format traditionally requires time, typically from a week to a month. Truugo automates the technical parts of this work: An expert specifies case-specific constraints and remarks through a straightforward interface, and Truugo generates materials with the push of a button. The identical process applies to documentation updates.

    If documentation work takes three weeks and the consultant's hourly fee is €100, the total costs are €12000 (15 days * 8 hours/day * €100/hour). With Truugo, a company can achieve savings of up to 60% in this work time and up to 80% in the time spent on version updates. The value is higher for updates because, proportionally, more time is dedicated to ensuring all materials are fully aligned.

  • Auto-generated test bench

    Usually, 100-500 validation rules can be derived from the documented requirements, and these rules should be verified after each update. Most companies cannot justify the required workload; thus, testing is limited to core data, accepting that some data will end up in manual processing. Truugo elevates testing to a new level by producing test artifacts automatically from a documented source. The time invested in implementing and maintaining validation rules is drastically reduced, while test coverage significantly improves.

    Truugo reduces the implementation burden by 2-3 work weeks and the maintenance burden annually by one work week per test bench. The automated implementation routine also minimizes the need for verifying testing rules, resulting in additional savings.

  • Self-test solution for internal and external users

    Companies expend resources on the process of delegating tasks. With Truugo, testing can be transformed into a self-service function accessible to both internal and external users. In addition to accelerating the testing process, this approach eliminates unnecessary work associated with the delegation process.

    In internal testing, the self-service model reduces working time by an estimated 15-30 minutes per case, as unnecessary emails are eliminated, and comprehensive tests can be performed quickly with a push of a button. Offering self-test solutions to business partners removes redundant communication and reporting from deployments. Depending on the case, the resource savings range from a few hours to a few work weeks per case.

  • Comprehensive test report with a push of a button

    Traditionally, error reporting involves manual steps like interpreting logs and system notifications. The effort required is frequently underestimated, labeled as a "fifteen-minute" job when, in reality, resolving even minor issues can take anywhere from half an hour to a few hours. Additionally, manual reporting often initiates a feedback loop, leading to a multiplication of time spent. Furthermore, in manual reporting, the same error may be described differently depending on the individual, leading to additional questions. Truugo combines all feedback and generates a formal test report within seconds.

    An automatically generated and easily shareable report saves, on average, 30-60 minutes of work time per reporting need. If 100 test reports are generated monthly, and the internal hourly cost is €50, the minimum monthly savings amount to €2500 (100 * 0.5 hours * €50/hour). In practice, Truugo saves even more resources because it reports all errors together, unlike manual reporting, which often focuses on the first error, preventing a feedback loop.

  • One solution for multiple needs

    Truugo offers a unified solution for documentation, testing, quality assurance, and reporting challenges. This bundling of logically related aspects reduces hidden costs, streamlines quality-related processes, and accelerates learning work methods.

    The larger the company and user base, The more significant the benefits.

Time savings

  • Centralized solution for efficient task distribution

    A user-friendly solution accessible to team members facilitates effective task distribution. In the absence of one expert, another can readily manage tasks like documentation updates, testing, or issue reporting.

    How reliant are you on the schedules of individual experts?

  • Automation speeds up processes

    Truugo automates processes and minimizes human errors: The setup and maintenance of documentation are highly streamlined, comprehensive testing can be completed in seconds, and test reporting can be fully automated. Automated error reporting is nearly indispensable in critical or fast-paced processes, saving valuable time.

    How much time is spent on manual, repetitive work in documentation, testing, and reporting tasks?

  • The self-service model eliminates bottlenecks

    Thanks to the self-service model, tasks can be accomplished without delegation and waiting. For instance, customer support can swiftly verify and report most errors, eliminating the need to delegate issues to key experts. Similarly, updating documentation can be effortlessly executed with just a few button clicks.

    How much cumulative costs are caused by unnecessary delays?

Other benefits

  • Higher quality

    Truugo enhances the quality of documentation, test benches, and data. Improved quality is reflected in more efficient processes and streamlined operations.

  • Standardization of practices

    When the same solution can be utilized for various use cases, it will also standardize operating and documentation practices.

  • Productization of interfaces

    Truugo supports the transition from point-to-point solutions to productized interfaces. Effective productization requires always fully aligned documentation, supplementary materials, and interfaces.

  • Knowledge continuity

    An easy-to-use shared solution, where configurations are visible and modifiable by everyone, significantly reduces personnel dependencies and risks.

  • Improved transparency

    A centralized solution provides complete transparency, reducing unnecessary communication, especially regarding the testing status.

  • Professional image

    A productized documentation model and consistent error feedback present a professional image for trading partners.

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