The cornerstone for successful process automation

Documentation helps to achieve clarity, consistency, and efficiency across business processes. Well-thought documentation enhances team communication and establishes a foundation for collaboration, reducing errors and fostering a shared understanding of processes and best practices. It is a vital resource for onboarding new trading partners, maintaining conformance to industry standards, and ultimately contributing to the overall success and sustainability of automated processes.

Say goodbye to the struggles of mixed and incoherent information and collaboration bottlenecks. Truugo documentation feature is the remedy to streamline your processes, ensuring cohesive collaboration, reducing errors, and bringing clarity to your workflow.

Key benefits of Truugo for message documentation

  • For XML and UN/EDIFACT messages

    The same documentation process applies to both message syntaxes to ease adoption and use in various use cases for enhanced harmonization.

  • Super-efficient setup

    Use your message samples as a basis to set up the documentation template, saving hours or days per documentation.

  • Improved quality with less effort

    Documentation and related materials are generated from a single unified source, minimizing human errors and time spent on keeping all materials aligned and up-to-date.

  • Real-time updates

    After any updates, the new documentation version can be generated and published in seconds. Providing access to the web documentation for all stakeholders ensures they have the latest version available without extra effort.

  • Enhanced collaboration

    Documentations are maintained in workspaces with multiple editors, enabling easy ways to set up and maintain documentation as a shared duty.

  • Full transparency

    Having all documentation in one shared workspace in a harmonized format provides maximal transparency for all team members and stakeholders. You will not miss miscellaneous Word documents.

  • User-friendly experience

    The documentation tool provides an optimal combination of user-friendly experience and various features to facilitate a steep learning curve. Likewise, the final documentation has a well-thought-out and highly praised presentation structure in both web and print formats.

  • Reuse of existing definitions

    Take copies of existing documentation to set up adjacent documentation in no time. Furthermore, we support an easy transition to Truugo by assisting in importing your existing definitions.

  • Customization capabilities

    You can add custom pages to documentation, such as process and use-case descriptions, to cover case-specific needs. Additionally, you can add your logo to the documentation template.

Dive into details

For further details regarding the Subset Editor and its documentation feature, please visit the following link:

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