Detect & fix general EDIFACT issues with ease

Why EDIFACT Browser?

No setup

Just drag and drop a file to EDIFACT Browser. All parameters will be automatically read from a file source and a message will be displayed accordingly.

Detect syntax issues

EDIFACT Browser helps to detect and fix syntax issues.

Clear presentation

The "Plain" view helps to detect general content issues (invalid codes, length constraints, missing elements). "Grouped" view helps to detect general structure issues (segments in invalid order, missing segments, segments, or groups repeated too many times).

Supports batch messages

You can upload a batch file and jump easily from one message to another. Even though one message contained syntax issues, it does not prevent browsing other messages.

Built-in message editor

Use a built-in message editor to get an instant confirmation that all your fixes were valid before applying any changes to your system.

Export options

EDIFACT message can be exported to CSV or XML file with just a push of a button. Export EDIFACT to CSV file to create a documented message sample or a mapping form with minimal effort. Use XML export, for example, to develop your application before connecting to our EDIFACT API.

Get instant feedback on general EDIFACT issues.

Drag-and-drop EDIFACT file to get started!

All features are free for a limited time.