Detect & fix general EDIFACT issues with ease

EDIFACT Browser The EDIFACT Browser provides a userfriendly interface for browsing EDIFACT messages, including description for each segment, element, and code.

Why EDIFACT Browser?

No setup needed

Just upload, copy-paste or drag and drop a file to EDIFACT Browser. The version, release and other parameters will be automatically extracted from the file source and the EDIFACT message will be displayed accordingly.

Detect syntax issues

EDIFACT Browser helps to detect and fix syntax issues in seconds.

Clear presentation

The "Plain" view assists in detecting general content issues such as invalid codes, length constraints and missing elements. The "Structured" view helps identify broader structural issues including segments in incorrect order, missing segments, segments, or excessive repetition of segment or groups.

Supports batch messages

Upload a batch file and jump easily from one message to another. Even if one message contains syntax issues, it does not prevent from browsing other messages.

Built-in message editor

Use a built-in message editor to instantly verify that all your fixes were valid before applying any changes to your system.

As a new user, you will receive free test credits for using the EDIFACT Browser.