EDIFACT Subset Editor

Generate EDIFACT documentation and validator from a single source

EDIFACT Subset Editor The EDIFACT Subset Editor is a no-code editor for generating message documentation, supplementary materials, and validator from a unified source.

Elevate your documentation practices to the next level, fostering increased efficiency, improved quality, and harmonized documentation outputs. Seamlessly streamline your workflow, reduce errors, and create a cohesive documentation ecosystem that empowers your team to achieve excellence in every aspect of your B2B operations.

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The key benefits

Easy setup

Message sample(s) can be used to auto-generate an initial message subset in minutes. Achieving the same outcome without Truugo could consume hours or even days. If you're seeking unparalleled efficiency, your search ends here!

No-code editor for effortless customization

Update items statuses (required, depending, excluded), accepted codes and qualifiers, and content restrictions (length constraint, enumeration, fixed value, pattern constraint). Preview and publish a new version with just a few clicks. It doesn't get any simpler than this.

Documentation and validator from a single source

Ever come across message implementation perfectly aligned with its documentation? That's precisely what Truugo achieves by generating the documentation and validator (test profile) from a single unified source. Seamlessly ensuring coherence between your documentation and implementation, Truugo sets a new standard for precision and efficiency in your workflow.

Harmonized high-quality documentation

Auto-generated documentation minimizes human effort and errors. The responsive design provides a layout that is suitable for all screen sizes from mobile phones to desktops. Web documentation is based on the same layout as the EDIFACT directory having users in more than 100 countries.


Message documentation

Publish both the print (PDF) and web version of your message documentation.
Example: Web | Print

Documented message samples

Generate documented message samples in CSV and HTML formats directly from your plain EDIFACT messages.
Example: CSV | HTML | PDF

Subset structure

Get subset structure (CSV) to create a mapping form for a message transformation.
Example: CSV | XLS | PDF

Message validator

Generate a tailored validator, fully-aligned with documentation, for checking all subset-specific requirements at once. Furthermore, using the validator helps you to verify and enhance the documentation itself.
Example: Demo


BASIC version provides features for creating web documentation and test profiles for customized message validation. PRO version provides many additional options for advanced use.

Feature set? limited  
Shared maintenance?    
Web documentation?    
Print documentation?    
Private documentation?    
Own logo?    
Test profiles?    
Complementary outputs?    

BASIC version is included in all Truugo accounts. Get Team solution to enable PRO version.

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