EDIFACT Subset Editor

Publish message documentation with ease

YouTube Subset Editor / Screencast (4:17)

Specify own EDIFACT subset with ease.

Publish web documentation and message validator at once! Check examples and pricing for full feature set.

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Why Truugo Subset Editor?

Easy setup
Upload a message sample to auto-generate an initial message subset.
Detailed customization
Specify required / depending / excluded items. List accepted codes and qualifiers. Set content restrictions: fixed value, value constraint, length constraint, pattern constraint.
Documentation and validator from the same source!
Have you seen documentation which is fully up to date with the message interface? Well, that's why Truugo generates message documentation and validator (test profile) from the same source.
Effortless maintenance
Make changes, preview and publish a new version with just a few clicks. It doesn't get any simpler than this.
Quality documentation
Web documentation is based on the same layout as EDIFACT directory having users in more than 100 countries. Responsive design provides layout which is suitable for all screen sizes from mobile phones to desktops.


Message documentation
Publish message documentation on paper, as PDF or as a user-friendly web documentation.
Example: Web | Print | PDF
Documented message samples
Generate documented message samples (CSV and HTML) from your plain EDIFACT messages.
Example: CSV | HTML | PDF
Subset structure
Get subset structure (CSV) to create e.g. a mapping form for a message transformation.
Example: CSV | XLS | PDF
Message validator
Publish custom validator for checking general and subset specific requirements.
Example: Demo


FREE version provides features for publishing web documentation. PROFESSIONAL version includes all current and forthcoming features for your whole team or organization.

Message subsets? limited  
Feature set? limited  
Shared maintenance?    
Web documentation?    
Print documentation?    
Private documentation?    
Own logo?    
Test profiles?    
Complementary outputs?    
Annual billing cycle? FREE 129€/mo

PROFESSIONAL version is included in PLATINUM service plan (129€/mo).

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Start now FREE version is included in all Truugo accounts