Solution Overview

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is constantly increasing popularity and e.g. invoicing is moving rapidly from paper documents to electronic invoicing. EDI is promised to cut down manual work and thus to speed up a process.

Significant gains can be reached only when electronic documents are valid. Otherwise a receiving end cannot fully automate own processes and error handling efforts dampens benefits close to zero. Truugo is the best solution for testing and improving quality of electronic documents!



Validation with just one click »


Instant feedback, anytime anywhere »


Customized error descriptions »


Also format and integrity checks covered »


Not a project, just a task »


Real-time status always available »


Cost efficiency, prompt scheduling, higher quality »


XML and EDIFACT validation

Same tool for both syntaxes »

Manual and automated validation

Message validation as an automated process »

Personal and group use

Common tool fo help desk or test team »

Internal and external use

Same solution for trading partners »

Constant and occasional testing

Simple self-service for quick validation »

Single messages and batches

More tests without extra effort »

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