Simulation - reliability into b2b messaging

Assurance that a message handling works properly requires process simulation. A content validation can be easily combined into simulation application's decision logic via Truugo's Web Services API.

Content validation in simulation process

Data interchange process can be simulated by a simple application which receives a sender's document and returns an appropriate response message. For example a response for an order message can be decided based on Truugo's test report: When a test report states that a message is valid, an order response will be returned and otherwise a technical application response with appropriate feedback. Creating decision logic is effortless as Truugo's Web Service API provides a test report in XML format.


Implementation of simulator

A simulator is very straightforward to implement, at its simplest. It must receive two parameters which identify a use case "Send Order" and a test scenario "Receive Order Response" or "Receive Invoice". In addition a simulator needs a switch for deciding which response message is returned in each case. A message validity stated in a test report can be used as a decision rule for selecting a response message.

Response messages are an essential part of a simulator's operation. A straightforward implementation can be reached by using XSL transformations and a bunch of default values and case-specific XML data files.

Implement yourself or order from us

You can implement a simulator based on Truugo validation service by acquiring access to Truugo's Web Services API.