XML tools

There are number of tools for generic XML data processing. These tools are used for creating and validating XML documents as well as transforming them from one format to another. The best-known commercial XML tools or "XML editors" are Altova XML Spy, Stylus Studio XML Editor and oXygenXML. Price of these tools is generally somewhere between 200-1000€.

With an XML editor, one is able to perform an schema validation, which will verify whether the XML document conform to the XML schema.

Is Truugo competing with these tools? No, these tools are for creating and editing XML documents. Truugo is a peer-to-peer service for creating, maintaining and sharing test profiles for enhanced content validation. As an supportive feature Truugo provides a simple XML editor for instant editing.

Web is full of "online XML validators". These validators perform only syntax check (well-formedness) and possibly DTD or schema validation. We have also published a free XML editor including similar XML validator to emphasize the difference between schema validation and much more fine-grained content validation provided by Truugo.

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