What is Truugo?

Truugo is a documentation and validation platform, facilitating message documentation, compliance testing, quality assurance and test reporting. Truugo is used primarily as a team solution and a self-service for trading partners, but it also fits single users. Read Introduction to Truugo.

Why choose Truugo?

  1. Efficient tools to set up, maintain, and share message guidelines and validators
  2. Same solution for manual and automated testing scenarios
  3. Same solution for own personnel and trading partners
  4. Same solution covers many message syntaxes
  5. Syntax, structure and content validation at once
  6. Test reports localized to a preferred language
  7. Share test reports with ease

For whom is Truugo meant?

We have customers from multiple industries with varying company roles: Software companies, IT service providers, and IT customers. As a rule of thumb, the more trading partners or, the more critical processes you have, the more value Truugo provides.

May I get a trial account?

There's no need for a trial account. Truugo registration is free of charge.

How long does it take to activate upgrade options?

Less than 10 minutes. It takes a few minutes to receive a payment confirmation from our payment gateway. Once confirmed, we automatically activate your new features and inform you via email.

What is a (test) profile?

A test profile is a set of technical tests used for evaluating the validity of structured data files with a single request.

What is a (validation/implementation) group?

Group is a concept providing access to several resources (profiles, documents, news) with a single (group) subscription.

Who is allowed to access my group?

There are three types of groups: All registered users can join public groups. In contrast, private groups are only accessible via an invitation, and restricted groups are via an invitation or an accepted request.

May I share a test report with my colleague/customer?

Yes. Just provide an email address, and Truugo will send a secure link pointing to your test report.

May I share a test profile with my colleague/customer?

Yes. Create a group, add a profile and invite your colleague to join the group.

May I share my account with my colleague?

No. The account is for you only.

How do I update the billing information used with my subscription?

To modify your billing information, log in to your Verifone/2Checkout account (created when you purchased your first subscription).

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your Verifone/2Checkout account (created when you purchased your first subscription) to cancel your subscription.

When you cancel your subscription, your plan will be available until its expiration date. After your plan expires, your plan will return to the free plan level.

How do I renew my subscription?

If you have enabled auto-renewal, you don't have to do anything. Otherwise, you may renew your subscription via Truugo Shop or your Verifone/2Checkout account.

What happens when I upgrade my plan midway through a subscription?

If you upgrade your plan midway through your subscription, you'll be charged the difference between the cost of the new plan and the time remaining on your existing plan. We will reset your subscription renewal date to the date you made the plan upgrade.

How do I get a refund?

In most cases, subscriptions are non-refundable except where applicable by law.