GS1 XML Validator

Validation service for GS1 XML messages

Check whether your GS1 XML 3.2 message complies with standard GS1 XML structure.

Free GS1 XML validator Create free account to setup own validators and to validate more.

Free GS1 XML validator includes

  1. GS1 XML Order 3.2
  2. GS1 XML Order Response 3.2
  3. GS1 XML Despatch Advice 3.2
  4. GS1 XML Invoice 3.2

Sign up to Truugo portal to create own validators for any GS1 XML message type and version.

Get started

We have set up basic test profiles for the most common GS1 XML message types. These profiles validate whether your messages comply with the standard GS1 XML structure.

Sign up Truugo and join "GS1 XML Basic" validation group to get access to these GS1 XML test profiles.

As a new user you get free test credits to get familiar with the concept. Once you are assured Truugo suits your purposes, get a user license from our web shop (Pricing).

Create own GS1 XML validator

It takes less than a minute to create a basic test profile in Truugo portal!

For detailed content validation, use XML Subset Editor to align your test profile with your message implementation guideline: specify mandatory segments/elements, restricted codelists and integrity rules for e.g. dates and sums

Learn how to create own test profiles

Setup self-service for trading partners

Truugo message validation platform allows you to share access to your own validators.

Invite your colleagues to use your test profiles in Truugo portal or enable an easy self-service for your trading partners using our Test Form solution.

Truugo Test Form is an essential addition to EDI deployments to minimize lead time and to save resources. In addition, your customers will be satisfied with instant and sensible test feedback.