ISO 20022 Validator

Set up validation service for ISO 20022 XML messages

ISO 20022 message documentation and validator from a single source

Truugo offers comprehensive tools for creating documentation and tailored validators for structured data, including ISO 20022 XML messages.

The XML Subset Editor presents a user-friendly (no-code) interface, allowing you to specify case-specific constraints effortlessly, such as mandatory segments/elements, restricted code lists, length limits, and integrity rules. With a Team license, you can import your existing validation rules as a Schematron file to consolidate all requirements easily.

Additionally, we offer some pre-built ISO 20022 XML validators to help you get started.

Get started

Sign up for Truugo and join the "ISO20022 Basic" validation group to start ISO 20022 XML validation. A basic test profile validates whether your messages comply with the ISO 20022 XML standard (schema validation).

New users receive free test credits to explore Truugo's capabilities. Once satisfied, obtain a user license from our webshop (Pricing).

ISO 20022 validator currently includes

1. Credit Transfer Initiation V03

2. Payment Status Report V03

3. Account Statement V02

4. Debit Credit Notification V02

Sign up to set up own validators for any message format/type.

Set up self-service for trading partners

A self-test solution is vital for onboarding new trading partners efficiently, as it minimizes lead time, improves quality (conducting more tests without additional effort), and saves resources. Your trading partners will be pleased with instant and sensible feedback.

With a Team license, set up a validation group and invite your trading partners to utilize your customized validators within the Truugo portal. Alternatively, enable an easy self-test solution for your trading partners using the Truugo Test Form.

Enable automated validation using Truugo API

You can integrate and automate detailed Truugo validation by using Truugo API. The Validation API helps to automate enhanced message validation with instant and sensible test reporting.

Check whether your messages comply with ISO 20022 XML standards.

Sign up for Truugo to start ISO 20022 XML validation.