ISO 20022 Validator

Validation service for ISO 20022 messages

Free ISO 20022 test profiles

  1. Credit Transfer Initiation V03
  2. Payment Status Report V03
  3. Account Statement V02
  4. Debit Credit Notification V02

How to create own test profiles

How to get started?

We provide basic test profiles for the most common ISO 20022 message types. These profiles validate whether your messages comply with the standard ISO 20022 structure.

Sign up Truugo and join "ISO 20022 Basic" validation group to get access to our ISO 20022 profiles. Follow instructions to start validate your ISO 20022 messages.

As a new user you get free test credits to get familiar with the concept. Once you are assured Truugo suits your purposes, get a user license from our web shop (Pricing).

How to enable customized content validation?

However, you get the most out of Truugo by creating customized test profiles which are aligned with your message implementation guidelines. You can specify mandatory elements, restricted codelists and integrity rules for e.g. dates and sums.

See examples of test rules and reports.

How to maximize benefits?

You can create test profiles just to help your own work but it's more beneficial to allow also your co-workers to access your test profiles by inviting them to your validation group. This harmonizes internal validation routines and reporting as well as helps to minimize unnecessary steps and manual tasks.

Maximize company benefits by providing message validation as a self-service for your trading partners. In addition, your customers will be satisfied to get instant test reporting instead of waiting for days. Our self-service solution is based on Truugo Test form »