PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 Validator

Check invoice/credit note compliance with PEPPOL requirements

PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 validator

1. PEPPOL BIS3 (UBL Invoice)

2. PEPPOL BIS3 (UBL CreditNote)


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Get started

Sign up Truugo, get a user license from our web shop (Pricing) and join the validation group "PEPPOL BIS Billing 3" to start message validation.

Create own validator

Need a customized validator to cover case-specific requirements? XML Subset Editor makes it easy to add own restrictions such as mandatory elements/attributes, limited codelists, length limits and integrity rules. Also complex validation rules can be specified using in-app tools or by importing your own Schematron file.

The best approach is to use a few message samples as a basis to enable a fast automated setup.

Set up self-service for trading partners

Set up a validation group to Truugo portal in order to share your customized validators with your colleagues and/or enable an easy self-service for your trading partners using Truugo Test Form.

Self-service solution is an essential addition to EDI deployments to minimize lead time, to enhance quality (more tests without extra effort) and to save resources. Your trading partners will be pleased with instant and sensible feedback.

Enable automated validation using Truugo API

Use our API to integrate Truugo validation into your system/processes. The Validation API helps to automate enhanced message validation with instant and sensible test reporting. In addition, for the PEPPOL and EN16931 contexts, we provide the Schematron API for running the plain Schematron validation.

Truugo helps you to check whether your invoice and credit note messages comply with PEPPOL requirements.

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