PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 Validator

Verify conformance to the PEPPOL requirements

Efficient PEPPOL validation with ease

Truugo offers comprehensive tools for creating documentation and tailored validators for structured data, including PEPPOL messages.

The XML Subset Editor provides a user-friendly (no-code) interface, allowing you to specify case-specific constraints effortlessly, such as mandatory segments/elements, restricted code lists, length limits, and integrity rules. With a Team license, you can also import PEPPOL's Schematron files to easily combine all validation steps to run all tests at once.

In addition, we provide some ready-made PEPPOL validators to help you get started.

Get started

Sign up for Truugo, get a user license from our webshop (Pricing), and join the "PEPPOL BIS Billing 3" validation group to start PEPPOL validation. You can also request a 7-day trial before buying the user license.

PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 validator

1. PEPPOL BIS3 (UBL Invoice)

2. PEPPOL BIS3 (UBL CreditNote)


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Create tailored validator

Truugo provides an efficient toolset to set up tailored validators from scratch. XML Subset Editor makes it easy to cover case-specific restrictions such as mandatory elements/attributes, limited code lists, length limits, and integrity rules. Complex validation rules can also be specified using in-app tools or importing your Schematron file.

When dealing with messages based on large component libraries, such as in UBL, we recommend providing a few message samples for the setup process to enable an automated setup.

Set up self-service for trading partners

A self-test solution is vital for onboarding new trading partners efficiently, as it minimizes lead time, enhances quality (more tests without extra effort), and saves resources. Your trading partners will be pleased with instant and sensible feedback.

With a Team license, set up a validation group and invite your trading partners to utilize your customized validators within the Truugo portal. Alternatively, enable an easy self-test solution for your trading partners using the Truugo Test Form.

Enable automated validation using Truugo API

Use our API to integrate Truugo validation into your system/processes. The Validation API helps to automate enhanced message validation with instant and sensible test reporting. In addition, for the PEPPOL and EN16931 contexts, we provide the Schematron API for running the plain Schematron validation.

Check whether your messages comply with PEPPOL requirements.

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