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19€ per month
  • STARTUP features
  • Setup 12 validators for personal use
  • Share test results (stored for 30 days)
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38€ per month

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Solution for team

Get Truugo team license to enhance productivity, harmonize routines and improve customer support.

  • Create groups to share validators/documentation with colleagues
    • Get full overview and statistics of test activities in each group
  • Setup unlimited number of validators/message subsets
  • Each user is allowed to perform unlimited number of tests
  • Full toolset to setup and maintain validators/documentation in sync
  • Extend usage with value-added services when needed (self-service for trading partners, API)
100€ + 40€ per user

Ask quote for more than 10 users.

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Self service for trading partners

Let your trading partners validate messages as a self-service especially in deployments (onboarding) to minimize lead time, save resources and ensure data quality. Read more about the self-service solution.

Each test coupon authorizes one of your trading partners to use your customized validator as a self-service.

each valid for
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* Each trading partner is authorized to complete virtually unlimited number of tests within days (starting from a first test). * A batch of coupons is valid for 12 months. * This is an extension to Team solution.

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API for automated validation

Use Truugo API to enable automated message validation and feedback mechanism.

Automated validation helps to save help desk resources, provide timely and sensible feedback for your trading partners and to show your professional competence.

API is an extension to Team solution.

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Dedicated environment

Special requirements or notable volumes? Please consider having a dedicated environment or on-premise installation.

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