Test form - Document validation as a self-selvice

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Adding a test form to own website couldn't be more simple. Your website is added with a button to open up a test form as SaaS service.

Ask for a test coupon in order to try our test forms or check out our test report examples.

Are you spending a lot of time in solving errors, testing and reporting due to invalid messages or incomplete data? Does iterative process consume resources of both parties thus forming a notable deceleration and expense for electronic data interchange?

Test form - missing piece

Ending the hassle

Both sender and receiver gain benefits when validation is performed as a self-service. Sender is able to complete tests according on own schedule and receiver avoids from solving same issues over and over again with each trading partner.

Validation efficiently as a self-service

Test form is a productized solution for providing message validation as a self-service. Test form can be localized to any language. Thus it's possible to provide self-service validation to each part with their native language which makes validation easier and faster to complete.

How it works?

A test coupon which is valid for a certain period of time is sent via email to a selected person. Receiver follow a unique link to a test form and gets an instant feedback for message validation. Feedback is presented as a test report containing all errors and improvement suggestions in a formal but sensible format. Truugo records all tests to provide test statistics to ease monitoring and scheduling.

Test form to own website Deploy test form even in a few hours!