Service overview

Subset Editor

Setup message documentation and validator efficiently

The Subset Editor provides a visual user interface for specifying and maintaining case-specific requirements for structured data based on XML and EDIFACT syntax. It uses the same unified source to generate message documentation and validator automatically. That brings efficiency and keeps all outputs harmonized.


You can use message sample(s) as a basis to auto-generate the documentation template. Subset Editor automatically marks which message elements are used (processed by the receiver) and adds a value example for each data element.

Add your custom restrictions using an easy (mostly no-code) editor:

  • change non-mandatory items required (or recommended)
  • change non-mandatory items conditionally required (= required in certain conditions)
  • customize max repeat values (cardinality)
  • customize data content restrictions (length, enumeration, pattern)
  • add documentation remarks
  • add case-specific documentation pages


Subset Editor auto-generates a test profile for detailed message validation. Setting up a detailed validator requires neither coding nor advanced expertise. However, when more complex rules are required, advanced Truugo users may add fine-grained test assertions using XPath, the Truugo function library, and their data files.

Subset Editor also generates message documentation based on your detailed requirements. That saves resources and keeps the validator and documentation always in sync. In team use, Subset Editor also helps to harmonize the documentation process and its outputs.

Subset Editor supports XML and UN/EDIFACT syntaxes. The BASIC version of the Subset Editor is included in all Truugo accounts, while the PRO version is exclusively accessible to users with a Team license.

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Even though the XML and EDIFACT Subset Editors share the same functionality for the most part, there are certain syntax-specific features, which is why we have a separate product page for each.