Test message payload online

Speed up customer onboarding with XML/EDIFACT validator

The Test Form is a self-test solution for companies with multiple trading partners. You grant your trading partner access to the validation service where they can independently validate their messages for ensuring that the message payload complies with your message implementation guideline. This saves resources and time from both parties and is indispensable, especially for cases with complex message requirements.

The main benefit of The Truugo Test Form is that testing can be performed outside our systems as an external SaaS solution. This minimizes the complexity regarding firewalls etc. Instant and clear feedback to the tester and 100% correct message payload with less time is a win-win situation. Harri Simonen, Technical Solution Manager, Posti Group Corp. (Leading logistics corporation in Finland)

Automated testing reports and displays errors immediately and saves a significant amount of time for both parties

Anyone of the help desk personnel can send self-test links to multiple trading partners. When testing is 100% automated, no human error will occur.

Testing can be done wherever, whenever 24/7, using a preferred language. No more need for sending emails back and forth or waiting for the contact person to answer. You can see from the Truugo system how your trading partners are proceeding with the document testing, which also allows visibility of the process and saves time.

Easy self-service model to save resources and time

Easy steps

Your company sends a unique test link (a test coupon) to the trading partner.

The tester opens easy self-service solution through a SaaS service.

The tester receives clear feedback within a second. The program points out errors immediately, removing the need for the tester to inspect the whole file manually instead. The testing can be performed as many times as needed.

The tester sends notification to the company when testing has been completed.

Easy self-service model to save resources and time