Test Reporting

The missing piece of complete process automation

Even systematic testing cannot eliminate all errors from data interchange processes. Thus, a robust framework for reporting errors should be in place, especially in critical, high-volume, and fast-paced processes. However, many organizations have concentrated on automating primary processes, leaving error handling as manual, resulting in unnecessary costs and delays.

In addition, many system-generated error messages have limitations — very technical, addressing only a single (first) issue, and often detached from the message context. The interpretation and subsequent reporting of these error messages typically rely on key experts, introducing a dependency bottleneck and associated risks. Furthermore, manual reporting quickly leads to costly feedback loops when customers and partners are responsible for fixing the reported errors.

Truugo has specifically focused on addressing these aspects.

Key benefits of Truugo for test reporting

  • Effective feedback

    Truugo generates a comprehensive and well-organized report for each test, providing essential details such as the error line number, error description, and, depending on the validation type, the associated underlying requirement.

  • Standardized output

    Irrespective of the data syntax, a standardized report template is consistently applied to each test, ensuring uniformity and ease of interpretation.

  • Automated reporting

    Truugo facilitates the automatic and immediate generation and transmission of error reports to internal customer support or directly to business partners, streamlining communication processes.

  • Efficiency without bottlenecks

    By removing manual intervention from the error reporting process, Truugo establishes a feedback mechanism that operates independently of individual personnel, eliminating potential bottlenecks.

  • Enhanced analytical support

    Utilizing the Truugo API, reports are accessible in a machine-readable format, enabling in-depth analysis and concise summaries.

  • Supplemental features

    The test report encompasses a range of standard features that aid in error resolution and the flexibility to integrate customized functions, particularly those related to data visualization and simulation.

Dive into details

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