Use cases

All-in-one solution for message validation

Truugo use cases
Production monitoring Deployments Help desk Quality assurance Validation channels
  • Deployments
  • Quality assurance
  • Monitoring
  • Help desk
Deployment (onboarding, rollout): to set up an electronic data interchange between business partners
  • Minimized lead time
  • Less resources on bilateral testing
  • Accurate scheduling after "prevalidation"
Quality assurance: to ensure that message transmission works as expected after any updates
  • Less time and resource on quality assurance
  • Better assurance without extra effort
  • Test statistics as your personal "insurance"
Monitoring: to detect issues from a message flow in production environment
  • Instant and sensible feedback on errors
  • Faster recovery from production faults
  • Enhanced service for all stakeholders
Help desk: team responsible for solving and reporting message related issues
  • Always the same feedback on the same error
  • Less tasks delegated to 2nd or 3rd level support
  • Increased job satisfaction