Service overview

Use cases

Truugo simplifies the onboarding of new trading partners into electronic data interchange (EDI) by providing accurate documentation and removing bottlenecks from conformance testing.

Key benefits

  • Minimized lead time
  • Less resources on bilateral testing
  • Accurate scheduling after "prevalidation"

Self-service for business partners

When bilateral message testing takes much time/resources or when the (AS2, SFTP, API, etc.) connection setup is a bottleneck, a stand-alone solution for message validation helps to boost deployments significantly.

As a message receiver, provide each sender instant access to self-service validation using Truugo Test Form to enable message validation without delays. You can assign your resources and schedule final integration tasks only after the sender has successfully passed Truugo tests.

Self-service for internal users

When an organization has many users or teams involved with (global) deployments, it is valuable to have a shared validation solution to ensure that implementations are interoperable, i.e. follow the same guidelines and rules.

Truugo Portal as a team solution enables easy access for all users/teams to the same up-to-date documentation and validators. When all implementations are required to pass Truugo validation, deployments can be performed in a decentralized but harmonized way.