XML Subset Editor

Generate XML validator and documentation from same source

YouTube Subset Editor / Screencast (2:51)

Specify XML subset using easy "no-code" editor.

Generate documentation and validator at once!

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Why XML Subset Editor?

Easy setup
Upload W3C XML Schema and XML sample(s) to auto-generate an initial XML subset.
Detailed customization
Specify required / depending / excluded items. Set content restrictions: length constraint, enumeration, fixed value, pattern constraint.
Documentation and validator from the same source
Have you seen documentation that is fully aligned with XML implementation? Well, that's why Truugo generates XML documentation and validator (test profile) from the same source.
Effortless (no-code) maintenance
Make changes, preview, and publish a new version with just a few clicks. It doesn't get any simpler than this.
Harmonized documentation
Subset Editor helps to harmonize the documentation process and outputs in your organization.

Setup options

One size does not fit all. Set up a validator to match your case-specific needs.

Basic validation 30 sec
Upload a schema file to set up a validator that covers syntax check and schema validation.
Enhanced structure validation 2 min
Using your valid XML sample(s) as a basis, auto-generate a validator that informs about message structures not to be processed by a message receiver.
Detailed structure validation 15 min
Use a simple (no-code) editor to specify mandatory/recommended/optional/non-used items and limit items' max repeat values to match case-specific requirements.
Detailed content validation
Add content restrictions: max length, enumeration (list of valid values), pattern (valid data format).
Business rule validation
Add conditional and integrity requirements using XPath, Truugo function library, and own data files.
Schematron validation
Import your existing validations rules to Truugo as a Schematron file.
Special pre/postprocessing
Add preprocessing (e.g. remove SOAP envelope) and postprocessing (visualization/simulation) actions.
XML documentation
Add instructions/remarks/example values to generate XML documentation from a same source.


XML validator
Generate a customized validator to check both general and subset specific requirements at once.
XML documentation
Generate documentation or mapping form (CSV), add own styles and publish as Excel/PDF file.
Example: CSV to PDF
XML samples
Generate XML samples that are always aligned with your subset requirements.


BASIC version provides features for creating test profiles for customized XML validation. PRO version provides advanced options and helps to keep documentation and validator always in sync.

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Test profiles?    
XML samples?    

BASIC version is included in all Truugo accounts. Get Team solution to enable PRO version.

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