EDIFACT Documentation, Validation and Browsing Tool

All-in-one solution for providing EDIFACT validation as a self-service


EDIFACT directories are provided in a sensible and usable format and what's best: Those are available FOR FREE.

EDIFACT validation tool

Truugo provides a comprehensive solution for documenting, browsing and validating EDIFACT messages. Truugo can be utilized to harmonize and optimize both internal and customer onboarding processes.

Truugo's EDIFACT support

Truugo allows users to specify own subsets of EDIFACT messages using EDIFACT Subset Editor. Message subset is used as a common source to generate both message documentation and message validator with just a few clicks.

Truugo provides same validation features for EDIFACT and XML. In addition, there are number of EDIFACT specific features for browsing EDIFACT documents and for locating errors more intuitively. (EDIFACT Browser DEMO)

For enhanced message validation Truugo provides a test profile concept. A test profile is used for validating both structure (standard structure + restrictions stated in implementation guideline) and content (conditional information, data format constraints, integrity constraints) at once.

Truugo generates instantly a test report (example) for each message validation. It can be shared to anyone by filling in receiver's email address.

What next? Read more about EDIFACT Subset Editor, try existing EDIFACT validators, check test report examples or get familiar with test form concept used for enabling a self-service for customer onboarding.