The service catalog for high-quality EDIFACT integrations

EDIFACT Specifications

EDIFACT directory provides a user-friendly presentation for browsing UN/EDIFACT message specifications.

EDIFACT directory

EDIFACT Compliance

EDIFACT Browser detects syntax issues and checks compliance with the UN/EDIFACT message specification.


EDIFACT Guidelines

EDIFACT Subset Editor provides an easy interface for creating message implementation guidelines (MIG).

EDIFACT Subset Editor

EDIFACT Validation

Truugo is about creating and sharing detailed validators to check compliance with organization-specific guidelines.

EDIFACT Validator

EDIFACT Transformations

EDIFACT Browser allows exporting EDIFACT messages to XML and CSV files. These are also available via API.


EDIFACT Deployments

Truugo Test Form enables a self-test solution for trading partners to speed up the deployments/onboarding process.

Test Form


Truugo API enables the integration of validation and transformation features into your existing processes.


EDIFACT Implementations

Together with our partners, we can help you with data mappings, integrations, migrations, project management, etc.

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EDIFACT Consultation

Together with our partners, we can help you to choose the best fitting system architecture, technology, etc.

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