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self-service minimizes deployment lead time

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Sensible customizable error descriptions

File support XML, EDIFACT and Flat

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Use Cases

Ready for European standard on eInvoicing (EN16931) and PEPPOL?

Check our EN16931 validators: UBL+CII, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD, Finvoice (fi)

Enhanced message validation

Set up customized message validators for XML, EDIFACT, and flat file formats. Validate both message structure and content rules at once and get instant feedback on a preferred language. Provide validators as a self-service for your colleagues and trading partners. Use API to reuse validators also in automated scenarios.

Good for all use cases

Deployments, help desk, quality assurance, production monitoring.

Covers many syntaxes

XML, EDIFACT, Excel, CSV, flat files.

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Easy documentation tool

Create documentation (MIG) and validator at once.

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For global deployments

24/7 self-service validator to speed up supplier onboarding

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Interfaces for all needs

Portal, Test Form, API, FTPS.

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Supports custom rules

Conditional requirements, format restrictions, integrity checks.

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Minimize lead time

Traditionally a major part of the time in EDI/XML deployments is wasted on waiting. Both parties must be ready until testing can begin and once it does, a lot of time is spent on waiting for responses. Our self-service model minimizes bottlenecks and sensible feedback enables instant bug fixing.

shorter lead time
less own work
less bilateral testing
higher satisfaction
Spend less resources
Enhance customer satisfaction
Ensure economies of scale

The self-service solution decreases the time spent on bilateral testing by up to 90%.

Instant feedback allows message senders to complete their work at once. Message receivers check possible master data conditions in the end but mostly they are just following testing activities from their web interface.

In a help desk environment, most data quality issues can be solved by front-end support (Level 1) instead of wasting the time of more expensive resources.

No more unsatisfied customers due to long response times and varying test feedback.

Truugo provides an instant feedback mechanism which describes errors always in the same way. Truugo can be used either as a common help desk solution or provided as a self-service for trading partners.

Standardization on a global, country, industry, and organization level returns real benefits only if compliance can be verified on a practical level. Unfortunately means for ensuring compliance have been limited and insufficient until now.

Truugo allows to set up validators to check message structure, content requirements, and business rules at once.

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