Finvoice validation

Free Finvoice test

Check whether your Finvoice XML message (3.0/2.01/2.0/1.3/1.2) complies with general structure, format and content requirements.

Buy Finvoice test package to fix errors. Finvoice 3.0 validation included!
Finvoice 3.0

Finvoice test package

  • Finvoice versions 3.0/2.01/2.0/1.3/1.2 Finvoice 3.0 validation:
    130 business rules + schema validation!
  • for commercial invoices, credit notes and direct payments (2.01-3.0)
  • validation with(out) SOAP envelope
  • schema validation
  • over 100 content checks
  • basic validation for SOAP envelope
  • basic validation for attachments

Price 179€/month 528€/year

  • Unlimited validation: 79€/mo, 228€/year
    Setup and use also own validators without extra cost
  • Finvoice validators: 100€/mo, 300€/year
    Get access to our detailed Finvoice validators
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Finvoice test report example
Finvoice examples Finvoice testaus this page in Finnish

Finvoice is the de-facto XML standard for electronic invoicing in Finland. Finvoice messages usually pass structure validation (schema validation) but content issues prevent fully automated processing. Due to manual procedures there might be payment delays or an invoice might be even rejected.

Efficiency via test automation

Truugo provides an easy solution to validate messages efficiently and accurately as a self-service. Test automation saves a substantial amount of time and detailed validation helps you sleep better at night.

Easy quality assurance for Finvoice messages

Our Finvoice validators contain 100 content checks in addition to traditional structure validation. This covers checks related to data repetition, data format, allowed codes and especially to logical interdependencies.

Truugo generates a test report which contains a sensible description and a reference to an invalid message element for each error. Thus both IT developer and business expert will receive a sensible feedback for resolving those issues.

Checks are based on Finvoice's message implementation guideline (defined by Federation of Finnish Financial Services), general invoice requirements and semantic model (EN16931).