Schematron API

Easy way to perform Schematron validation using API

API endpoints

Add Schematron validation capabilities to your processes and applications using the Truugo Schematron API.


Returns a list of Schematron files available within the specified group.

Returns a list of versions available for the Schematron file (sch).

Validates the specified XML instance against the specified Schematron file. Returns the result as the SVRL (Schematron Validation Reporting Language) file.

Usage examples


Especially in large-scale organizations, it can take weeks or months to get a new validation setup up and running. Truugo API enables instant testing capabilities to minimize bureaucracy/bottlenecks.

When process requirements are changed, it is essential to verify the continued validity of your files against the updated version. Establishing and maintaining an own test framework for multiple Schematron versions might be an overkill. With Truugo API, you can effortlessly test your files against multiple Schematron versions without extra effort.

BENEFITS: Efficient process to detect development needs.

System development is a continuous process. Therefore quality assurance should also be a constant process to minimize production issues. Using Truugo API, you can easily set up, for example, a daily test run to perform a Schematron validation for a batch of system-generated files.

BENEFITS: Ease of automating quality assurance and running of occasional batch tests.

Setting up and maintaining validation software is not sensible when an automated validation process is required, but volumes are low. Truugo API enables automated validation with minimal effort to free your time and resources for other tasks.

BENEFITS: Enable automated validation process in minutes.

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