Validation channels

The same solution for manual and automated validation

Validation channels
  • Portal
  • Test Form
  • API
  • FTPS

Enhanced validation for yourself or for your team

Truugo Portal is the best solution to enhance your own work. You get tools for maintaining your own test profiles, for sharing your test reports and many valuable features for professional use.

A team may set up a group to provide a shared access to common profiles, related documentation and news. Team lead can also invite trading partners to join the group and can easily follow their progress.

Select a preferred service plan and monthly test quota for your Truugo account. Validate unlimited number of messages for a fixed monthly/yearly fee.

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Service for trading partners

Test form is an optimal solution for setting up an easy self-service for your trading partners. Fill in your trading partner's email address and Truugo generates an email containing an access link ("test coupon") to simplified Truugo web interface. Users can complete validation instantly without registration. You can follow progress via your own web interface. No maintenance required as each test coupon expires automatically after a predefined period.

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Integrated service

API helps you to integrate Truugo to your existing processes. Add Truugo validation feature to your help desk application to enhance Level 1 support. Integrate Truugo to your processes to provide an automated test bench or to enable production monitoring. Read more about use cases.

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Batch validation made easy

Sometimes it's convenient to validate messages in batches. Our FTPS channel allows users to complete a batch validation either manually or as a part of an automated process. Follow progress via your own web interface or download test reports via FTPS channel.

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