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Get started in 3 minutes

Truugo helps organization to transform its message validation routines into easy self-service solutions to save time and resources and enhance quality.

Try Truugo by yourself, and once you are assured of its benefits, it is easy to extend to a team solution and add self-service options for trading partners.

Sign up to the Truugo portal and follow instructions to create a test profile for message validation. A basic test profile already surpasses a general schema validation by helping users fix many time-consuming syntax issues.

For XML setup, you need a message schema (XSD or DTD), and for EDIFACT, specify just the EDIFACT directory and message type to get started.

Enhance validation by custom requirements

Many real-world requirements cannot be covered by traditional means, like using schema validation. Furthermore, it is neither enough to be standard compliant in most cases since standards are loose and detailed requirements are specified on an industry and/or company level. Truugo helps fill these gaps by providing tools to add detailed and case-specific rules to cover layered and documented requirements.

Truugo generates an initial test profile based on your input. We strongly recommend uploading a few message samples to allow Truugo automatically perform initial customization to save a lot of time. Initial setup can be further customized using our Subset Editors with an easy (no-code) interface. Advanced users may also add complex rules by using professional Truugo features.

Please let us set up the first test profile for you. Get an efficient start with professional assistance to experience the full potential of Truugo before making a long-term commitment.

Provide a self-test tool for your trading partners

Enable efficient deployments by providing an easy self-test tool for your trading partners.

Start the deployment process (supplier/customer onboarding) by allowing your trading partners to validate their messages as a self-service. This does not just save time and resources but also improves scheduling, enhances data quality as a whole, and lets your EDI professionals concentrate on more meaningful tasks.

Truugo Test Form solution provides an easy self-test tool for message validation. Send invitations to your trading partners, and Truugo will inform you once they are ready to move forward. In addition, you can follow their progress in real time via your admin interface.

Integrate Truugo validation into your processes

Integrate Truugo validation seamlessly to your existing processes by using our validation API.

By using API, you can enable harmonized user experience, exactly the same test feedback, to your trading partners in all use cases:

  • Deployments
  • Quality assurance (after system/version update)
  • Instant feedback on production issues
  • Help desk responses

Read more about use cases.

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