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Your first steps to enhanced message validation

Get started
  • AImplement basic validator
  • BEnhance validator
  • CSetup self-service
  • DAutomate validation

Get started in 3 minutes

Sign up to Truugo portal and follow instructions to create a basic test profile for message validation.

To start with XML validation, just upload a message schema (XSD or DTD) and you are ready to complete your first tests. To begin with EDIFACT validation, select EDIFACT directory and message type and Truugo takes care of the rest.

Enhance profile by custom constraints

Many real-world requirements cannot be covered by schema validation. Truugo allows you to specify test assertions (business rules) to fill in the gaps and to cover requirements specified in your message implementation guideline.

Truugo portal includes tools to implement test assertions by yourself using XPath and Truugo function library. We recommend, though, that you allow us to implement the first test profile for you. ("Get POC with professional assistance") This guarantees an efficient start and helps you to understand the full potential of Truugo.

Provide message validation as a self-service for your trading partners

Enable efficient deployments by providing an easy self-test interface to your trading partners.

Start deployment process (customer onboarding) by allowing your trading partners to check message compliance with your message guideline, as a self-service. This doesn't just save time and resources, but also improves scheduling, enhances data quality as a whole and allows EDI professionals to concentrate on more meaningful tasks.

Truugo Test Form provides an easy interface to setup an effortless self-service for message validation. Just send invitations to your trading partners and you will be informed once they are ready to move forward. In addition, you can follow progress in real-time via your admin interface.

Automate validation by Truugo integration

Integrate Truugo validation seamlessly to existing processes by using our API.

Provide harmonized user experience, exactly same test feedback, to your trading partners for all use cases: deployment, quality assurance (after system/version update), help desk responses, instant feedback on production issues.

Read more about use cases.

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