Best validation tool for all message syntaxes

Truugo provides tools to setup and manage validators and documentation in sync and to provide validation as a self-service for colleagues and trading partners for both manual and automated validation needs. From an end-user (tester) viewpoint, Truugo provides also number of benefits compared to other validation tools.

Truugo validation compared to schema validation

  • Provides more sensible feedback on errors | Examples
  • Detects more detailed errors | Examples
  • Provides unified error reporting for all message syntaxes | Examples

Truugo compared to desktop validation tools

  • No installation, no maintenance, use anywhere 24/7
  • Easy to use, just drag'n drop file and click "Validate"
  • Validator updates immediately available for all users
  • Support materials (examples, documentation) can be published alongside
  • Test reports easily shareable to anyone

Test report examples

Truugo generates an instant test report for each message validation. It has the same structure as the underlying test profile. A test report can be easily shared to anyone using a secure link (HTTPS + hash key) with a limited access period.

Validator examples

We have setup a few validators to demonstrate how Truugo validation works in practice: EN16931, OpenPEPPOL, Australia/New Zealand (A-NZ) PEPPOL, Singapore (SG) PEPPOL, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD, UBL, ISO 20022, GS1 XML and EDIFACT.