Service overview

Examples of Truugo Validation

This page lists practical examples on how Truugo helps users to locate and interpret issues more efficiently compared to traditional tools.

Truugo compared to desktop validation tools

  • No installation, no maintenance, use anywhere 24/7
  • Easy to use; upload the file and click "Validate"
  • Validator updates immediately available for all users
  • Publish support materials (examples, documentation) alongside
  • Share test reports easily with anyone

Validator examples

We have set up a few validators to demonstrate how Truugo validation works in practice:
EN16931, OpenPEPPOL, Australia/New Zealand (A-NZ) PEPPOL, Singapore (SG) PEPPOL, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD, UBL, ISO 20022, GS1 XML, GS1 EANCOM and EDIFACT.

Test report examples

Truugo generates an instant test report for each message validation. It has the same structure as the underlying test profile. Therefore, you can share the test report easily with anyone using a secure link (HTTPS + hash key).

Truugo validation compared to schema validation

  • Provides more sensible feedback on errors | Examples
  • Detects more detailed errors | Examples
  • Provides unified error reporting for all message syntaxes | Examples